This module has a wide range of courses each for everyone, can choose as per the qualification and interest. There are some courses in this module categorized according to qualification, degree and interest.
SAP FICO Module : Accounts, Commerce, B Com, MBA, BBA, Finance
SAP MM Module : B.A, B.SC, B Com, BBA, MBA, MCA, B Tech, Diploma Engineers, Admin
SAP PP Module : B Tech, M Tech, BCA, MCA, B.A, B.SC, B Com, Diploma Engineers
SAP SD Module : B.A, B.SC, B Com, BBA, MBA, B Tech, Diploma Engineers

Your educational background can easily help you to select a particular SAP module to enhance your knowledge and career. Through that you can easily understand the business processes by integrating them into the SAP system.

You can also select the relevant SAP module according to the job opportunities. For that you will have to enquire about the courses and job oppurtunities from a concern person of SAP institutes. If you have selected a particular company to work then you should know what SAP module the company require for their business processes then you can easily select that module.

The important factor that you should be clear about selecting the SAP module and you should be ready to do it.