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  • Course Duration: 80 Hours
  • Normal Training: 2 months
  • Fast-Track: 1 month


There is a huge demand for SAP PP Certified professionals in the contemporary market. Only 7 out of 10,000 professionals have SAP PP experience. As a result, there is a high need for both newcomers and seasoned professionals in this industry. Candidates with SAP PP module certification can pursue profitable careers as senior consultants, SAP Production Planning Consultants, assistant managers, and senior-level managers. SAP PP earned enticing compensation incentives for newcomers with no prior expertise; this SAP module is well worth investigating.

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Course Duration 80 Hours
Normal Training 2 Months
Fast-Track 1 month

SAP PP (Product Planning)

Course Overview

SAP Production Planning is one of the most important modules in the current scenario because it manages all business operations linked to a company's production process. The process of generating and synchronising procurement schedules for completed products and component materials is known as production planning. An SAP PP consultant's assistance is valuable to a company. The programme keeps track of how the manufacturing process moves and records it. Business analysts, consultants, IT workers, project team members, inventory managers, and others are the best candidates for the certification.

Practical Modules:

  • Introduction SAP & ERP
  • Material Requirement Planning(MRP)
  • Bill of Materials(BOM),
  • Capacity Planning(CP)
  • Supply Chain Planning(SCP)

PP Consultant's Responsibilities:

  • Understand the business from the standpoint of the production and planning departments.
  • SAP may be used to map client business processes.
  • Users must be trained on how to use the SAP system.
  • Integrate the PP module with other business functions like as materials, finance, and costing.
  • Create/improve customer operational and analytical reports.

Our Specialty

  • Live & Hands on Experience
  • Flexible Learning & Opportunity to explore beyond curriculum
  • Personal Training by SAP certified consultant